Our Story

Nekohama, is a family endeavor driven by passion and purpose.

The story of Nekohama began in 2017 when I crossed paths with two influential souls - my now-wife, Sanne Vloet and my best friend, Jason Gorskie. As the years unfolded, the three of us became inseparable, embarking on countless adventures and creating lasting memories together.

When Sanne and I envisioned Nekohama, it wasn’t just about crafting a brand; it was about sharing something incredible with the world.

With my mother Shigeko and close friend Jason joining us, Nekohama became a family endeavor. Our Matcha ritual united us, deepening our connection to ourselves and each other.

This connection guided us forward, setting us on a journey to creating the best tasting ceremonial grade matcha. A path that would lead us to finding the best tasting matcha, one without any bitterness and packed full of benefits to support your well-being.

At Nekohama, we're not just offering a product; we're sharing our ritual.

We believe that the ritual of making matcha is the first step in a trajectory of positive decisions leading to a successful and balanced life.