We're a health company doing our part to make the world a healthier place.

We're here to promote healthy living so that you can feel your best with clean products, sustainable energy, and a balanced mindset.
Our goal is to support and foster the growth of our partner farms globally through investment in local communities and the building of direct meaningful relationships.
We will achieve this through the building of a strong community with positive values and with our eye on quality to perfect every part of the Nekohama experience.

Introducing Nekohama

We are on a mission to create healthy alternatives to current unhealthy trends that we see today. Everyone desires a natural source of energy, but the struggle is finding an alternative to coffee. This is why we set out on a journey inspired by our personal health experiences and discovered our first product, Nekohama matcha.

The Green Energy powered matcha provides so much more than energy and we can't wait to hear what you think of Nekohama.


Nekohama was born during the single largest health crisis we've ever experienced, forever altering the worldview on health. Driven by uncertainty, the four of us began making drastic changes that led us to discover healthier ways of living.

From the foods we consume, to how many hours we sleep, we've explored healthier ways to live through the things we put into our bodies and the habits we develop.

We look forward to launching this summer and introducing you to the world of Nekohama.

I’ve been drinking matcha for years—Nekohama surpasses every other matcha I’ve ever tried!

— @samavocado

Decided to reduce my coffee intake during quarantine. Finally found a matcha that tastes amazing.

— @jorgecosano

Discovered matcha through Sanne, have been obsessed ever since! Never really liked it prior, bu this is SMOOTH.

— @raadmobrem

Sanne's introduced so many of us to matcha, I LOVE IT. In LA depending on the weather i'll have it iced or hot!

— @samiclarke