See Why Our Customers Love Nekohama Matcha
“I drink half as much coffee as I used to.
Smooth, balanced taste, and wonderful aroma.”
Scott H.
“No buzz and crash from coffee.
I now start the day refreshed and energized.”
Mia S.
“Delightfully non-jittery energy boost.
It’s enough to power me through a long busy day.”
Kathleen L.
“I love waking up and whisking it, it’s so easy!
It’s more gentle on my stomach and its effects last much longer than coffee.”
Karen K.
“A boost of green in my life.
The lack of bitterness is a treat for the palette.”
Roxanne M.
“No grassy or bitter taste.
I drink mine simple: no added milks or sugars needed.”
Haley H.
“By far the freshest and tastiest matcha.
It’s delicious on its own—‍a rare find.”
Rachel K.
“I’ve probably tried over 20 different matcha brands.
This one is my all time favorite.”
Danielle O.
“It’s not bitter and the green colour is beautiful.
Even my sister who doesn’t like matcha likes Nekohama.”
Kelly K.
“I thought I knew matcha, but then I tried Nekohama.
I don’t feel a need to add milk or sweetener the way I used to.”
Xavy P.
Caffeine Isn't Dirty, Coffee Is
Clean Energy, No Crash, No Jitters

Coffee roasting burns away many of the essential nutrients of the bean, compared to the organic process of creating Nekohama. Our matcha is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and combines the calming effects of L-Theanine with caffeine for balanced long lasting energy to fuel your day.

A Family-Ish Business
What Brought Us Together?

It was our pursuit of a happy and healthy life. Spending our 20s in New York City took a toll. In the city that never sleeps stops, how do you keep up? One cup, two cup, three... well after over consuming coffee for far too long each of us knew there had to be a better solution. And we found it: a naturally sweet and creamy matcha with all the benefits and none of the bitterness.

You’ll love our matcha, we guarantee it.
Buy the 10g mini and try it. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.*
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