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Matcha Is Your New Morning Ritual.

Matcha is finely ground green tea leaf traditionally consumed to boost energy and promote focus. Unlike other teas where you are drinking only an extract, with matcha the entire leaf is consumed to provide not only caffeine but a whole cup of amino acids, nutrients, and chlorophyll. Energy without the crash, focus without the jitters.

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What makes Nekohama different?
Nekohama - Our Matcha - What makes Nekohama different?

It Begins With Taste

Matcha is at its peak flavor during the first four to six months from its creation. Flavor is not the only factor that plays into taste, the size of each particle in the powder can cause your matcha experience to be chalky & bitter.

That is why we worked tireless with our farm to reduce the particle size to 9 microns compared to the usual 12 micron particle size. With every sip you get mouthful of sweet umami with none of the bitterness.

Farm To Bowl

Would you eat a stale salad? Probably not. The same goes for matcha.

Our “Farm to bowl” promise means that we will never carry matcha beyond the six month mark from the date of its creation. Always fresh, delicious, and packed full of the cleanest energy on the planet.

Nekohama - Our Matcha

Fueled by Volcanoes

Our founders were first introduced to this mineral rich distinctively tasting matcha by Max's family in Japan. The Ando's purchased their tea's from this region, known for the fertile soils packed with higher levels of nitrogen. Still to this day it is one of Kyushu's best kept secrets.

Certified JAS Organic

Only the highest quality organic leaves are used to create Nekohama’s matcha. To receive the Japanese organic standard certification (JAS), Nekohama must meet a 95% or more organic threshold, a much stricter quality standard that exceeds USDA Organic Standards.*

* Sources: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Why Is Matcha So Great?
Nekohama - Our Matcha - Caffeine + Benefits

Caffeine + Benefits

Caffeine by itself isn’t perfect. Matcha, unlike coffee, contains caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid which promotes focus~attention~concentration, clarity, relaxation, while reducing stress. Nekohama’s matcha balances you with pure, clean energy while keeping you focused and grounded.

Nekohama - Our Matcha - Big Brain Energy (BBE)

Big Brain Energy (BBE)

Matcha is great for the mind. It’s packed with caffeine, L-theanine, EGCG, and other brain-boosting amino acids that have shown to enhance overall cognitive functions and promote attention, focus, mood, and energy.

Nekohama - Our Matcha - Immune Boosting Power

Immune Boosting Power

Matcha has been found to fortify the immune system with the help of antioxidant powerhouses like Vitamin C, Zinc, and Chlorophyll. Matcha’s additional antioxidants may also reduce oxidative stress and combat the free radicals known for causing diseases like cancer.

Nekohama - Our Matcha - Flawlessly You

Flawlessly You

Matcha has anti-inflammatory benefits and the Vitamin E found in matcha may protect your appearance from age-related damage by protecting the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Inflammation-fighting Magnesium, also known to help the immune system, promote relaxation, increase bone strength, is abundant inside matcha.

Nekohama - Our Matcha - Love Yourself

Love Yourself

EGCG, another antioxidant most commonly found in matcha, promotes mood, memory function, and cognitive functions. Some studies have even shown matcha to increase the body’s metabolism.

Taste The Difference

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The Story Of Leaf To Bowl

The Camellia Sinensis plants grow in the balanced climate and rich soils among the bountiful hills of the Japanese islands, the ideal place for growing this healthy energy source.
At a certain point in the leaves’ growth, farmers cover our crop to prevent direct sunlight with a traditional straw canopy.
The incredible Camellia Sinensis leaf transforms itself in the shadows by increasing its production of crucial nutrients for health and wellness: L-theanine, caffeine, and chlorophyll.
Only the finest leaves possible are picked at the height of the harvest, then steamed, cooled, and dried.
The leaves are cut, deveined, and destemmed to ensure the highest quality taste and nutritional value.
Then, they are sorted and mixed to cultivate the utmost balance and consistency.
Finally, the batch is ground by stone into a first-rate, ultra-fine powder.